I will show you how to paint on 3 different types of furniture… keep reading

Ok, I am an Artist and Interior Designer- in that order!

I lead all my design work with the eye of an artist. Although I work in almost any medium; I have loved painting since I was 4 years old. For my 4th birthday, I asked for an easel and watercolor paint in TUBES! Of course, having an artist mother, I GOT THEM and could not wait to start creating my first masterpiece!!!

The very next morning, I got up with the birds. I went down to our creek and cut a vaseful of Iris’. While my family slept, I set up my easel and started going to town painting the Black, sleek vase and the beautiful purple and yellow Iris’. I worked on the painting with intensity. As I heard my mom approaching, I hurried to finish my first masterpiece for her.

She oohed, she aahed! I felt sensational…then, when she didn’t think I could hear her, she exclaimed to my dad, “She used the entire set of paints in this one piece!” I had applied the paints as if they were solid oil paints, not using one drop of water! Funny, I still have this painting in a box in my basement today! Thus, began my love affair with painting- almost anything!

I am frequently asked what paint should be used to paint various things around the house. It is so confusing…and so unnecessary. In fact, I use acrylic wall paint on almost any surface that is properly prepared. This is the secret…the surface needs to be prepared to grab the paint. And the wall paint I now use is paint and primer in one. Read On...


FIRST- Wood of any species is always fast and easy.. I start by sanding the top finish or raw wood with a fine-medium grit sanding sponge. Sand going with the grain of the wood.

NEXT, apply Bin Primer to any surfaces of older furniture to give a stain block from the previous finish color bleed through. Sand just enough to scratch the original finish to accept the primer. Wipe with damp cloth after sanding and before applying primer or paint. Primer (whether applied individually or mixed into the paint) is the “glue” that holds your paint tightly to the surface you are painting. ESSENTIAL INGREDIENT, for sure!

I love applying paints with a sponge paint brush. Very inexpensive, easy to clean and provides the smoothest finish you can get. I will also use my flat, sable hair art brushes to get the paint into grooves, carvings and crevices and finish with the top flat surfaces coated with the sponge brush.

Once base coat dries, I start my decorative pattern or second solid coat of finish it doing the piece one solid color. I always use a flat finish because I like to finish my work with 2 coats of polyurethane- waterbased/nonyellowing finish. This comes in satin or gloss and provides an enduring finish that makes the colors pop.

SECOND- Leather. I painted the backs of these chairs that I found at a rehab store for $20 each! I painted the backs for two reasons, I thought they would look great when pushed under a dining table or a desk. Also, because leather is non porous, I thought they would get little damage on the back panel. All things to think about prior to attempting this one! 
When decorative painting was dry, I applied a thin coat of water based poly urethane for a glossy protective finish.

LASTLY, Fabric. You can paint directly onto primed canvas that can be sewn into articles such as pillows, table clothes, draperies…but I suggest painting your pattern onto a small loose piece of canvas or paper. Taking a quality color copy of your pattern and sending it to This fantastic resource can take your pattern PDF and make it into fabric or wallcovering…in small batches and very affordably!!! CRAZY GOOD! And it doesn’t come more custom than that!!! 

BEST CHEAT EVER! Listen up! I never buy art paints anymore. I go to my fav paint department or store and purchase their small tester pots in flat or any finish. They can make it in any color on earth! The paint has a better flow and can mix effortlessly into any desired shade you mix up! 

NOW, GO FORTH & PAINT THE TOWN RED?!?! JUST DO IT! Oh yeah, please take before & after pics and email to me! I would love to feature your work in my upcoming blog. Have fun!! 

Until next time,