The question many people wonder but are scared to ask… Is it in my budget?

Your kitchen is the pulse of your home life, it tells how you live and it also can make or break your home! This is the hangout room these days. No longer do we entertain in the formal Dining Room. Your guests pull up a seat and chat while you prepare the meal. And every decade or so, you need to take a good look at your kitchen and do a small bit of upgrading to keep it fresh for now and for resale later on.

Think about how your family uses your kitchen… What works, and what is not so great, put your money into elements that would improve the function.

First, prioritize if you plan to stay in the home less than 5 years. If this is so, you will want to take a critical approach to deciding your maximum budget to spend to get the full return on this investment when you decide to sell. I suggest you chat with a designer and several real estate agents to find out what the hot buttons are for must haves in kitchens for their clients. Be conservative here…This is an area where it might be best to hire a professional painter to upgrade and refresh your current cabinets with a glossy coating of paint for around $3,000.00 versus installing all new cabinets to the tune of $15,000.00.. Yes, I know new cabinets are costly! CAUTION: You could replace your white cabinets with beautiful dark wood high quality cabinets only to hear a potential buyer looking at your home exclaim, “Oh no, I had my heart set on an all white kitchen!”

If this is your “forever” home, I always suggest deciding on a maximum budget and then design this space to fit that budget and support your lifestyle. Everyone thinks they need the premium, professional grade appliances … to cook that can of Campbell’s Cream of Tomato Soup! I suggest choosing quality, well known brands that are noted for great performance and easy repair. Keep the expensive elements classic in style and simple. I am talking about the cabinet style, the solid surface countertops, and the flow of the layout. The return on your investment should net 70%. NOTE: Look at the big picture and then narrow your selections to ensure you are doing just enough to make this profitable.

Regardless, Kitchens need to appeal to the majority. That equates to a Transitional design aesthetic. This simply means that you have Traditional, timeless elements mixed with some sleeker, current organic elements such as stone, glass and metals. This will appeal to today’s desires but also makes it easier to change within the next decade. Your cabinetry is not so easily and affordably changed, so keep these classic and simple with plenty of sound storage and simple lines. The big bucks are spent in special details and layered finishes but will not have the broad appeal when you tire of the look or plan to sell the home.

The Kitchen alone can sell a home lacking in other details. It speaks volumes of your lifestyle, your values and should exude charm. Make your kitchen the space everyone longs to hang out in by incorporating clean lines, open airy prep space, fabulous natural and incandescent light, efficient functionality and never forget…a sparklingly clean kitchen trumps it all!

I hope you are now feeling confident you can manage this remodel on your own? However if you ever need a little help or an expert opinion I’m here to help! My virtual design services are convenient, easy and cost effective- I would love to help if you are in need!

Until next time,