The kitchen is the heartbeat of the current home…not that all even cook there! It is however, where everyone congregates to feed the dog, do homework, plate up your carryout dinners and pay bills…making it the work horse of your home.

It is also the most expensive room in your home when it comes time to update and remodel. Every decade it becomes time to assess and rework areas of our kitchen that are showing their age. Small actions, such as changing cabinet hardware, are not going to make significant updates. Appliances, cabinets and countertops are the big ticket items and should be treated as classically as possible. That does not mean to suggest boring, but this is an area where you want something timeless. Save the funk, colorful choices and mixing of styles to the pieces you will change out over time…such as wallcovering, paint, art pieces, furnishings and rugs/textiles.

On trend right now, is finishing the Island in a dark or accent color. I caution doing this as the trend will change and so will your love of this accent piece. It will be costly and labor intense to have the Island refinished.

So, let the paint fly, but I recommend that any color you choose, remember that you are preparing and serving your family meals here and you always want the kitchen to be light, bright and look immaculate!

Natural light and proper incandescent lighting is critical to supporting the tasks that go on in this space. If you desire a dark wall color, make sure you have ample incandescent lighting from ceiling cans down to undercabinet lighting for the tasks at hand. Some kitchens that are small, have no windows or have windows that face North; these spaces may never be bright even if painted white! Only the addition of proper, clean lighting will brighten and enlighten these spaces. More expense to add to your budget.

Be bold and brave with color and choose colors that are appetizing. I recommend colors from nature…soft azure blues, yellow oranges, corals, yellow greens. Colors that are not as appetizing are dark purples, dusty mauve, grayed/dirty colors and dark browns ill-lit.

Now bring on the spice-your colorful personalities can be your tableware, serving pieces, textiles and some art pieces. Be careful here, never add too much. Less clutter is always more elegant and appealing…so be very considerate and edit what you place on display in your kitchen. Keep all things not decorative behind closed doors, in a pantry, drawer or cabinet.

Lastly, I always recommend hiring a qualified, well known Interior Designer. They will be the best money spent and will bring your space together in ways beyond your imagination. And, your Kitchen will function properly! Do not overlook that they bring established relationships with contractors and vendors that ensure your project will run on quoted costs, on time and with magnificent results. Be prepared to be patient-this is a process. Once finished, you will be enthralled with your “new” space!

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