I previously have written on the importance or art in a space, the definition of what makes something art but now I am writing about how to place art. This is the overwhelming task that leaves a home or space undone because the occupant is afraid to make a mistake hanging, afraid to make holes in their walls, and mostly afraid what others in their home or space may think of their choice in art. I cannot count how many times that I walk through a potential client’s home to find completely blank walls and s art pieces stacked against the wall. So, if this sounds like you, please read on!

First, the jewelry and interest of a space is the art that adorns the walls, the table tops, the bookcases, the groupings in a dead space that becomes your favorite area in the home. Art should be considered everywhere. In a furniture spare space, go wild with an eclectic grouping of common colored or common subject art objects. I simply cannot emphasize enough the importance of the art you choose to display. It tells your story and nurtures you…you should have no thought of what others might say or think! In fact, how many of your friend’s homes have art to die for? I am guessing very few. This is the area in which you want to become the pioneer.   

Take a tour of your home starting outside your front door. That area should have some flourish to set the stage for what awaits inside! You can hang a stretched canvas or a painting on a wooden board on your front porch. Make it large and colorful...this would be so much more exciting than hanging the expected wreath and big Initial you see on Pinterest! Think out of the box. Is your mailbox interesting? If not, take a cool basket or metal container and hang that to gather your mail. Lighting and greenery is also important here. A cool door knocker would add artisitic interest. Now, go on in.

What does your entry say? Come in, we’re fun? Or is it piled with coats, shoes, backpacks? This area should be charming…it speaks volumes about you and how you live. First impressions are so powerful.

Think out of the box. Part of your entry art is Wall hung mirror, framed art, a table, shelf or a desk that is interesting and is appointed with beautiful accessories. Maybe a gorgeous old wooden carved box to hold keys, stamps, etc. Use an old crystal vase to hold pens and letter opener. Add a lamp or lamps to give a warm lovely glow at night when overhead lighting is too harsh. A lovely and rich rug. A colorful stool, bench or chair is inviting and so useful for putting boots on. Keep it pristine…at all times! This is your most memorable area!

Other areas that are often overlooked for art placement are the stairways and hallways. In both cases, study the views you have of these spaces. Many stairwells are long, narrow spaces. If possible, it is advised to place artwork on the wall facing at the beginning of the stairwell…make this your best pieces to draw one in visually. Make collections or groupings versus the old style of family portraits evenly spaced and staggering up the wall…it has been done for centuries. It is boring and rote, therefore, no one notices what was on the wall. Make it fun!

Bathrooms and Kitchens also get overlooked for art work. As I have pictured below, a portrait was hung in this all white bathroom. You notice it, it has power. Do the same, put good art work in your bathroom flanking your mirror. Use interesting bowls, teacarts, boxes to store your perfume bottles in a grouping, your soaps and sponges are together yet handy for use. Clean off your counter entirely. Put your toothbrushes and personal items in drawers, cabinets, etc. Clean it up and let the art shine. I actually have a framed painting hanging by delicate chain in front of the window in my bathroom. It acts as the main art elements, but also gives me the needed privacy and allows natural light about to flow in to illuminate the space. I love it. Your kitchen can incorporate a large chalkboard, a grouping of cool trivets that can be lifted off to use, a collection of gorgeous plates, platters, bowls. It can just have gorgeous colorful market photos; enlarged and stretched! Be creative and go wild. This is the area that should be over the top! Nothing is off limits and the wilder, the better. Make it memorable, interesting and YOU! Make it happen…TODAY!

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